Shopping Centre


Concept Development
Direct Photoshoot
Set Design & Production
Final Artwork


This project was a fun challenge. We were asked to design a billboard for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre that would showcase the diverse range of styles available throughout their various retailers. The parameters were to convey this notion with only one billboard and a very strict budget.


Through talking to the client we realized that they had an affinity for high fashion magazines. Using this insight as inspiration we pitched having the billboard look like Vanity Fair Special Edition Cover. We could use one model to showcase an entire range of outfits. This anchored the concept that the centre could provide a look for your every need and saved our budget by only needing to hire one model. It was a fun organizing my first shoot with the challenge of planning out the model’s hair and makeup to build across the day for each look, without having to restart each time and blow our budget. It was also fun to plan the positions and lighting of each shot to allow for us to build the scene properly in post production. The client loved the concept so much they decided to allow more budget for bus shelter ad as well. 


Completed while working full-time at Make, an Advertising Agency in Brisbane Australia. Creative Director Melissa Murchison. Campaign photography and retouching by Erik Williamson