Farmers Market
in the Square


Logo & Branding

We were asked to design a logo and develop a brand to carry through ongoing promotional materials for Burlington’s new Farmers Market in the Square. The client requested the tone to be modern, elegant, fresh, and welcoming. She is targeting an affluent and discerning audience and it was important for the branding to convey the market as a boutique quality product. 


The client included the phrase 'in the square' because of it's specific location in Civic Square, Burlington. The location becomes a key part of it's identity. Being a new market we wanted to emphasize this aspect of the square while also creating visual interest and impact. We styled the logo to create an elegant square frame. The logo acting as a frame anchors the vision that market brings together and showcases various local vendors within it's square. The square becomes an iconic, and highly flexible, logo and graphic treatment that is used to house imagery associated to the market. It is versatile, fresh and modern. The frame device also plays off framing something when it is special, which reenforces the quality of the products being sourced.

Note: This project is currently in development — more pieces to come soon. 



DETAILS: Secondary logo variations were included to allow for more versatility across various promotional materials. Custom illustrations were created that can be  assembled into endless combinations.